Developing a low carbon strategy within your business

Low Carbon Office Design Checklist


Developing a low carbon strategy within your business is a complex and significant piece of work. Your property portfolio will form an integral part of this strategy, as it makes a major contribution to your carbon emissions. By investing time in assessing the impact of a fit out and taking steps to reduce the subsequent carbon emissions, your business will gain significant environmental benefits.

Return to the office checklist


Encouraging your people back to the office and ensuring they want to keep coming requires a thorough plan and communication strategy. You want your employees to feel excited, inspired and safe when they return. A good starting point is recapping the importance of the physical workplace.

Woman returning to the office post covid

Returning to the office after COVID-19


Your guide to keep your staff safe and healthy as you gradually open up your office space again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project partner list

Choosing the right office design and fit out partner


Regardless of whether your relocating, refurbishing or fitting out new space, it pays to check your design and fit out partner's credentials - before you sign on the dotted line.

Office relocation list

Managing an office relocation


An office relocation project contains a lot of moving parts. This checklist includes everything you need to know; from the first stages of the project to the day of the office move.

Wellbeing Checklist list

Workplace wellbeing checklist


Employee wellbeing is a key issue that companies are striving to address so their employees remain happy and motivated at work. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. With this checklist, we'll take you through how to incorporate wellbeing practices into your office design or fit out project.

Choosing your space list

Choosing the right office space


If you’ve been tasked with finding your new office space, it may seem like a daunting task at first. With many different people to please and dozens of options to consider, you may not know where to begin. By asking the right questions you’ll be able to find the office space that is inspiring, cost effective and right for your business.

Office refurbishment list

Office refurbishment checklist


If you’ve been tasked with creating a brand new space for your company, you’re probably wondering where to start. This office refurbishment checklist helps you navigate the many issues you're about to face.

Activity based working list

Activity based working


How do you go about creating a work environment that accommodates activity based working? This checklist helps you cover all the bases.

Office Design Checklist list

How to design your office


Wondering where to start with your office design? Our proven seven-step guide will take you through the basics, and where to start.

Office technology checklist

Choosing the right office technology


Technological advancement is progressing at an incredibly rapid pace that doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. How do you navigate the tremendous amount of options available for your office? This checklist will help you work it out.

Office fit out checklist

Office fit out checklist


An office fit out can be a large undertaking with a lot of moving parts. This checklist breaks it down to help you make sure nothing is missed.