Office design trends: 2015 vs 2024

Office design trends: 2015 vs 2024

Monday, 8th July 2024 – Insights

Office design is constantly evolving to support workers' wants and needs. Read on to compare how 2024 office design trends have developed since 2015.

Booth seating in Kao's office

Optimising acoustics in open plan offices

Monday, 24th June 2024 – Insights

Perfecting the acoustics of an office is essential to maintaining productivity by minimising distractions and boost productivity.

Anomaly's modern office design inspired by co-working

Co-working and the future of office design

Friday, 21st June 2024 – Insights

Co-working has completely revolutionised the way millions of people work every day. Offering flexibility and collaboration, many traditional businesses are taking inspiration from these workspaces.

Morgan Lovell's London office showroom

Survey: Refurbishing with Purpose

Monday, 17th June 2024 – Insights

Our Refurbishing with Purpose survey reached out to 500 office leaders and 500 employees to get to the heart of how office design really influences the way we work and feel about our jobs.

Aesthetic seating at Morgan Lovell

Office furniture: where ergonomics meets aesthetics

Monday, 17th June 2024 – Insights

Great office furniture blends form and function in perfect harmony, boosting wellbeing and performance.

Kao's multifunctional space

Evidence based office design

Tuesday, 4th June 2024 – Insights

Great office design is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage in the war for attracting talent, but the benefit should extend to helping a business’s employees work more efficiently and collaboratively.

The future of office design

The Evolution of Office Design

Tuesday, 21st May 2024 – Insights

From its ancient Rome origins to the modern era, see how office design has evolved from rows and rows of uniform desks, to using psychology to design human-centric spaces.

Cat A+ fit out breakout space

Choosing a Cat A+ fit out

Tuesday, 30th April 2024 – Insights

When choosing a new office space, tenants have more choice than ever from simple co-working spaces and serviced offices to a full Cat B fit out. However, we have now seen a new option emerge - the Cat A+ fit out. Read on to find out more.

Bleacher seating at Bionic's Luton office

Designing offices for people

Wednesday, 3rd April 2024 – Insights

Your office is more than just the place you work, but a home away from home for your employees. It’s important to remember who your office needs to be designed for. After all, people are your company’s biggest asset, therefore it’s important to choose a design that supports them in every way possible.

ESG in the workplace at Morgan Lovell

ESG in the workplace

Tuesday, 27th February 2024 – Insights

There was a time when environmental, social and governance (ESG) was considered voluntary for organisations, but as ESG becomes more important to potential investors, these factors are becoming more significant.

Reception space at Kobalt with people

The Role of the Office in Workplace Leadership

Tuesday, 13th February 2024 – Whitepapers

Uncover the secrets behind successful modern workplaces from our survey of 500 senior leaders in UK businesses.

Trendy office cafe fit out

AI in the office: a smarter space for us to work

Thursday, 4th January 2024 – Insights

While everyone’s talking about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, we’re looking at its potentially transformational effects in office buildings, which shape how we work and our motivation to commute there in the first place.